MRWhois v. 2.2 Lite (freeware)

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Ready to use, instant whois lookup script.
Currently you can check for generic domain names: .com, .net, .org, .biz and .info. If you need more tlds to check, you will either need to modify the script yourself or get a PRO version.

Main features:

  • displays only the availability in the first result window and detailed info in pop up window
  • includes the link to the web site if the name is taken
  • customise the look
  • customise whois lookup servers
  • log facility (added in v. 1.1)
  • include affiliate link for registering

NEW in 2.0:

  • fully language customisation - define your language changing just few lines
  • waiting message for your visitors
  • easy disable domain TLD which you don't want, don't need or just don't like
  • define the look to match your site design using included style sheet

NEW in 2.1:

  • improved functionality - works with "register_globals = Off" in your "php.ini" file

NEW in 2.2:

  • domain extenstions "com" and "net" have been separated - as requested by many users


The main idea is still to keep everything in one script, which will always be ready to use instantly for every user.

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