Frequently Asked Questions

How do I include your script in my own html page?

There are two ways to achieve this:

I. You can edit "mrwhois_header.php" and "mrwhois_footer.php" files to add your own content above and below the script.
Remember to activate headers and footers in "mrwhois_config.php" file:
define('DISPLAY_FRONT_HEADER', true);
define('DISPLAY_FRONT_FOOTER', true);
define('DISPLAY_RESULT_HEADER', true);
define('DISPLAY_RESULT_FOOTER', true);


II. You can embed the script within an existing layout, even within a cell in a table.

To achieve this, please follow these steps:

1. edit "mrwhois_config.php" file and change the following line:
define('FILE_NAME_RESULT', 'mrwhois_result.php');
      -->> define('FILE_NAME_RESULT', 'yourpage.php');
and make sure all headers and footers are disabled:
define('DISPLAY_FRONT_HEADER', false);
define('DISPLAY_FRONT_FOOTER', false);
define('DISPLAY_RESULT_HEADER', false);
define('DISPLAY_RESULT_FOOTER', false);

Also, disable repeating the search window on a result page:
define('REPEAT_SEARCH_WINDOW', false);
2. add the following lines to your desired file in a place where you want the script to appear:
if ($_POST['ddomain']!="")


Your script is great but it does not check if domains are in redemption.

If the domain status is different that "ACTIVE", it may not have any NS servers assignet to it. In that case neither "checkdnsrr()" PHP function nor "nslookup" command will work. The only way to check such domain availability is to use direct whois server query. You can change the engine used for checking by modyfing "" file and changing:

define('USE_ENGINE', "1");
      -->> define('USE_ENGINE', "3");

("1" uses "checkdnsrr()" function, "2" uses "nslookup" command, "3" queries whois servers directly).

Remember, the default mode in the script is "checkdnsrr()" mode.


Sometimes your MR-whois script says a domain is free while it is not, for example the domain:

There could be two reasons:
1. See the answer above.
2. Change the server settings for a particular domain in mrwhois_servers.php file. For example use the following settings for .com and .net domains:
string: No match
(proper format is described within the file).

If you use engine "1" or "2" you may want to enable an extra check:
define('USE_EXTRACHECK', true);


More FAQs coming soon...