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As of April 2013, the mrscripts.co.uk website is closed and not maintained any more. Feel free to navigate through the pages and download the scripts for free, but please note the script is no longer supported by me. However... Even if the scripts are free to download and use, they DO NOT come with the license to resell them, you are permitted to use them for your own purposes only.

It's been a great pleasure to help you over last 13 years, but due to other commitments I no longer have free time to maintain, update and support the scripts.


THE BEST PART: If you are interested in taking over this website together with the Page Rank 4 website, domain name, scripts, license to resell them, over 100 visitors a day and the database of over a thousand users, please contact me with an offer. I am not greedy - I can give all that away for the price of a mid-range bicycle... ;) (Note: offer excludes hosting, you'll need your own one, I use 1 and 1.)


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If you're looking for some useful PHP scripts, you're in a right place!

If you need a simple domain availability checking script for a few general tlds (.com, .net, .org, .info & .biz) check the freeware version: MRWhois Lite. It should be enough for most needs and it's completely FREE.

If you are looking for something more advanced, see the commercial (now FREE) version: MRWhois Pro. This version is extremely fast and supports all national tlds, also supports ".name" tld.

If you are PHP-Nuke user, you may want a free MRWhois PHP-Nuke Module - a very simple PHP-Nuke add on.

Tired with every day checking whether the domain of your dreams is available? Here is a little tool which will make your domain hunting easier and less stressfull. MRWhois Scheduler will do the hard job for you. Click here for more details.


Enjoy your stay!



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